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Learning goals

What is MoovKids?

MoovKids provides a wide range of fun innovative movement activities focusing on the physical development of children aged 3 to 8 years and special needs. Focusing on 6 different skill areas, MoovKids ensures holistic physical development and supports the learning of the fundamental movement skills. The use of balls, beanbags, hoops and ropes is required.
Instructional videos accompanied by both an adult and child focused voice-over inspires adults to teach with confidence & children to move joyously and well . Search options allows the freedom to choose activities according to equipment type, space, focus etc. MoovComplete, in addition to the above offers a 20 lesson structured curriculum, comprehensive written instructions, possibility to learn English through whole body movement, option to create own lesson plans, save favorite activities & save notes about each activity. MoovKids provides onsite teacher workshops as well as online professional development..

Recommended Usage

Daily movement integrated in different ways is recommended..


Educational Impact

Improves Behaviour / Wellbeing
improve teacher knowledge
Age Range0-4, 5-7
Internet for planning. Required equipment for some activities: Big balls, beanbags, hoops and ropes. Many activities suitable for small spaces or big. On-boarding required for MoovComplete.

MoovKids Pricing

Pricing Plans
Not provided by vendor.

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MoovKids Reviews

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Eugenia Soland

Head of School

Montessori Community, Finland

Used MoovKids weekly for 0–3 months

Nov 2021

A brilliant movement program

Eugenia Soland found MoovKids:
  • Significantly improves teacher knowledge
    Teachers are becoming more knowledgable and can serve children better with using a structured movement curriculum
  • Significantly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    Children are becoming more coordinated
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Leonardo Cedillo Berber


Happy Toddlers Daycare, Finland

Used MoovKids for 5 years+

Mar 2021

We have been attending to Moovkids already more than 5 years ago and our children love it. Moovkids program has a wide variety of activities and tools that makes movement much more interesting and fun for children. Mrs. Darlene has developed a through curriculum that our teachers are using for physical education. It is easy and very well arranged. We definitely recommend families and daycares to join this great program.

Leonardo Cedillo Berber found MoovKids:
  • Significantly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    Children develop their motor and cognitive skills
  • Significantly improves teacher knowledge and skills
    Having an arranged curriculum for physical education provides ideas on how to work with children in this area
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Que-Dung PHAN

Head of R&D

Tan Thoi Dai Education, Viet Nam

Used MoovKids for 1-2 years

Mar 2021

We definitely recommend schools and parents to try Moovkids - you will see how important the changes are and will love it.

Que-Dung PHAN found MoovKids:
  • Significantly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    Children in our kindergarten - with the implementation of Moovkids activities were able to move and develop their skills each and every day, no matter what the weather was. One particular case that really impressed me: kid of 2yo were too well-protected in their family and always came to school in stroller. But after around 10 weeks, his skills were really improved and he loved to move so much he refuses striller that mom/grandma offered
  • Significantly improves teacher knowledge and skills
    Our teachers were not aware of the importance of basic movements taught right. After being trained about the impact and seeing changes in children, they are now convinced and happy about it.
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Kelly Dayanna Puentes


Jardín Infantil Bilingüe Finlandia, Colombia

Used MoovKids for 1 year

Jun 2020

It's a very well designed program, easy to understand even for non English speakers, my teachers oly speak Spanish and they are able to follow the instructions and do the activities successfully. The kids enjoy it and it has contributed to their well being.

Kelly Dayanna Puentes found MoovKids:
  • Significantly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    Children are more active, improve their coordination skills and seem happier
  • Significantly improves teacher knowledge and skills
    The teachers learn about the importance of movement and how to teach different activities to keep the kids active and coordinated
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parent, Finland

Used MoovKids for 6 months

Jun 2020

MoovKids is an amazing program for kids of all ages! It helps not even foster the physical education but it is also a great tool for parents to help their little ones with all sorts of movement. It is fun, it is simple to follow, comes with instructions and I can most certainly recommend it highly!

Lucia found MoovKids:
  • Significantly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    Physical excercise
  • Significantly improves teacher knowledge and skills
    gives the teachers tools for physical education
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Certified by Education Alliance Finland

EAF Evaluation is an academically-backed approach to evaluating the pedagogical design of a product. EAF evaluators assess the product using criteria that covers the most essential pedagogical aspects in the learning experience.
The solution gives the teacher complete freedom to lead their lessons on how they see fit. There is a clear focus on what and how to practice and what the objective is. The videos are clear and the dual format, child/teacher guidance is a great dimension allowing for versatile use.It is up to the teacher to interpret the activities how they like. For example, they could incorporate elements of other curricula (like drama, for instance) into the activities.
The activities are fun and accessible for all kids of all genders and creeds. The solution offers a progression of difficulty, as well as difficulty within each activity. This means that teachers can start teaching very basic movements (like ducking, hopping, etc.) in isolation, and then do the activity (duck to dodge a rope) which keeps it interesting and challenging for the children. The program gives a good outline for objectives, and teachers are encouraged to give positive feedback.
he teacher is free to explore and use the content as they see fit. There is no need to unlock content, it is all there from day 1. They can explore it with their class in any order. Special needs are well addressed so it is possible to differentiate the activities according to your class.
The solution allows for children to progress individually via observed task. Students can act autonomously, but only within the confines of each activity. Children are encouraged to collaborate on certain tasks. Also, teachers have the opportunity to take on skills to teach to use the pre-curated visual guidance available, allowing for better end quality and correct postures and alignments in movement skills and body form etc.

Learning goals

Certified by Education Alliance Finland

The supported learning goals are identified by mapping the product against the selected reference curriculum and soft skills definitions most relevant for the 21st century.

  • Learning to face failures and disappointments
  • Practicing to take care of one's own and other people’s safety
  • Practicing to take care of own and other people’s safety
  • Practicing to notice causal connections
  • Learning to build information on top of previously learned
  • Encouraging to build new information and visions
  • Learning to combine information to find new innovations
  • Practicing to work with others
  • Learning to understand the meaning of rules, contracts and trust
  • Practicing to give, get and reflect feedback
  • Learning to notice causal connections
  • Practicing persistent working
  • Practicing to find ways of working that are best for oneself
  • Learning to find the joy of learning and new challenges
  • engage in increasingly complex sensorymotor skills and movement patterns
  • combine gross and fine motor movement and balance to achieve increasingly complex patterns of activity including dance, creative movement and drama
  • demonstrate spatial awareness and orient themselves, moving around and through their environments confidently and safely
  • manipulate equipment and manage tools with increasing competence and skill
  • use their sensory capabilities and dispositions with increasing integration, skill and purpose to explore and respond to their world
  • Children show good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. They move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space. They handle equipment and tools effectively, including pencils for writing.
  • Demonstrates appropriate body awareness when moving in different spaces.
  • Exhibits appropriate body movements when carrying out a task.
  • Manipulates small objects with ease (fits objects into holes, strings wooden beads, stacks mini blocks, uses geo boards, etc.).
  • Demonstrates awareness of spatial boundaries and the ability to work within them.
  • Displays an upright posture when standing or seated.
  • Maintains balance during sitting, standing, and movement activities.
  • Runs, jumps, walks in a straight line, and hops on one foot.
  • Climbs stairs using alternating feet.
  • Navigates age appropriate playground equipment.
  • Participates in a series of large motor movements or activities such as, dancing, follow the leader, or Simon Says.
  • Participates in activities to promote balance and flexibility.
  • Explores, practices, and performs skill sets: throwing, pushing, pulling, catching, balancing, etc.
  • Engages in large motor activities (e.g., marching, hopping, running, jumping, dancing) in increasingly longer periods of time as skill and endurance develops.
  • Participates in activities designed to strengthen major muscle groups.
  • Encouraging students to be innovative and express new ideas
  • Children are encouraged to enjoy the outdoors and exercise during all seasons.
  • Practicing communication through different channels
  • Practicing to use foreign language as a communication tool
  • show enthusiasm for participating in physical play and negotiate play spaces to ensure the safety and wellbeing of themselves and others
  • Practicing to express own thoughts and feelings
  • Practicing to recognize and express feelings
  • Practicing to take responsibility of one's own learning
  • Practicing to set one's own learning goals
  • Practicing to evaluate one's own learning
  • Demonstrates ability to engage in finger plays.
  • Practicing creative thinking
  • Practicing to improvise
  • Practicing to use imagination and to be innovative
  • Practicing to use imagination and to be innovative
  • Developing problem solving skills
  • Practicing to notice links between subjects learned
  • recognise and communicate their bodily needs (for example, thirst, hunger, rest, comfort, physical activity)
  • A positive attitude towards food and eating is encouraged.
  • Supporting healthy and varied eating habits.
  • respond through movement to traditional and contemporary music, dance and storytelling
  • show an increasing awareness of healthy lifestyles and good nutrition
  • show increasing independence and competence in personal hygiene, care and safety for themselves and others
  • Children know the importance for good health of physical exercise, and a healthy diet, and talk about ways to keep healthy and safe. They manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs successfully, including dressing and going to the toilet independently.
  • Enabling the growth of positive self-image
  • Children's abilities to take care of their health and personal hygiene are supported.
  • Recognizing habits that are good for sustainable living
  • Supporting the growth of environmental awareness
  • Encouraging the growth of positive self-image
  • Practicing to take care of one's own wellbeing and health
  • Demonstrates growing independence in using personal hygiene skills (e.g., washing hands, brushing teeth, toileting, etc.)
  • Recognizes the importance of good nutrition, water, rest and sleep in order to be healthy.
  • Talks about food choices in relationship to allergies and overall health.
  • Relates healthy behaviors to good personal health (milk for strong bones, spinach for strong muscles).
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