Plezmo Core Kit

Plezmo Core Kit

Plezmo Core Kit


What is Plezmo Core Kit?

Plezmo® Core Kit brings sophisticated technology to everyone in form of simple building blocks of electronics, logic and designs. From arts to science, music to sports, real world to fantasy world; bring all ideas to life using technology as a creative tool! Plezmo Core Kit contains all the necessary things inside the box to get you started. And it becomes your technology toolkit as you become an expert innovator thinking outside the box!

Story kits provide ideas about various types of projects that can be built with Plezmo.
Story kits are designed on corrugated sheets that can be folded to create various types of models. These models are made interactive by attaching Plezmo Elements into them and coding instruction through Plezmo App. Story Kits are designed to have simple build steps and provide various physical shapes for use in projects of varied themes such as Arts, Music, Science, Real World System, Robotics and more!.

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Last updated 27th September 2023