Tes Safeguarding (EduCare)
Stella Christou

Art Therapist

Yavenh, England

Used Tes Safeguarding (EduCare) weekly for 7–12 months

Feb 2024

I feel that TES provides the information and knowledge that is required.

Stella Christou found Tes Safeguarding (EduCare):
  • Moderately provides school data
    If any issues arise this would be logged onto the school's data.
  • Slightly improves teacher knowledge
    All staff are trained to have knowledge of any safeguarding issues.
  • Slightly improves school processes
    If I or the teacher is aware of any issues we would take them to the safeguarding officer.
  • Does not significantly improve behaviour or wellbeing
    Yes, by being mindful of any issues, this can help the child/family.
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