Review of Eedi
Mark Dunn

Maths Tutor

Norwich Maths Tutor, England

Used Eedi occasionally for 1-2 years

Jan 2023

For a classroom teacher, it could be good, once they find their way around it. For tutoring, it seems likely to have limited value. The one time used it with a real student for tutoring, the built in tutoring was painful. It didn't really suit my student. This new aspect of Eedi needs more thought, especially when used with a live (possibly private) tutor.

Mark Dunn found Eedi:
  • Does not save school money
    Hard to use for tutoring just one or two students.
  • Does not significantly reduce teacher workload
    Taking too long to find relevant material. Not supporting free text prior to multiple choice prompts. This could be a powerful technique for many (NOT ALL) diagnostic questions. It could provide much more insight into misconceptions. Especially if combined with students giving a level of confidence in their answer (RAG, say). A confidently wrong answer needs a different response to a low confidence right or wrong answer.
  • Does not significantly improve teaching efficiency
    When tutoring and using Diagnostic Questions with the student, there is more chance to discuss the options first. Eedi doesn't really support this. This is another way that free text input on suitable question structures would be valuable prior to offering multiple choice answers.
  • Does not significantly improve attainment
    Having not used it because it didn't fit my work style well, I cannot give any real concrete examples.
  • Does not significantly build student knowledge
    Have not used it to really say. I found it useful to experiment with, but it was frustrating.
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