Learning Ladders
Beth Budden

Pedagogy Development Leader/ SLT/Teacher

Used Learning Ladders for 7 seven years

Aug 2020

Learning Ladders is not like other 'off the peg' systems, although if schools need something like that it can be that too, if they need a well structured starting point. However, schools can adapt it to their curriculum for all subjects if they chose to. Schools can decide on their assessment approach and really 'measure what they value,' rather than simply 'value what they measure'. In this way, Learning Ladders allows for 'decision driven data,' instead of 'data driven decisions'; schools can decide on their own curriculum, how they want to assess this and make this work for their children and context. In addition, Learning Ladders supports a mastery curriculum, which is been proven to lead to better outcomes for all children.

Beth Budden found Learning Ladders:
  • Significantly improves attainment
    Learning Ladders enables teachers to identify gaps in attainment and to plan for curricular progression, as well as SLT to oversee this and over support where necessary.
  • Significantly reduces attainment gap
    The granular detail Learning Ladders allows for individual pupils, classes and cohorts means that next steps can be identified easily and interventions, like precision teaching, or wider curricular catch up can be planned for. It also allows teaching staff to make notes and add examples for each criteria where necessary to support moderation of outcomes.
  • Moderately saves school money
    Learning Ladders drastically cuts down on paper use for record keeping and pupils reporting, but importantly, it is much better value for money than many of the other curriculum-assessment systems and does a better job.
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