Learning Ladders
Jeni Dellman

Head of Primary School

British School Muscat, Oman

Used Learning Ladders for Over 3 years

Aug 2020

We have been using Learning Ladders for a number of years now. As our needs have developed, the team at Learning Ladders have always listened, responded and improved their provision. They really do go above and beyond to ensure that we are able to make the system work for us. The fact that we can customise the objectives and build the curriculum base makes this entirely bespoke to our students. It was however, incredibly helpful when we first started out that there were banks of curriculum objectives available so that we did not start with a blank page. The development of the analysis tools has supported our teachers as they build the content of their lessons and ensure full curriculum coverage across year groups. Finally, we have been very happy with the Parent portal: Ladders at Home. We introduced it 2 years ago, and it has slowly grown in use within the parent community. When we moved to online learning in March this was something we were able to share again with our parents as an additional way to help and support at home. Being an international school, the translation tool has been incredibly well received.

Jeni Dellman found Learning Ladders:
  • Significantly improves attainment
    By using Learning Ladders consistently across all year groups, we are able to assess individual and group attainment: more importantly, we are able to look at that attainment and identify next steps and areas of focus.
  • Significantly reduces attainment gap
    Using the Gap analysis tool, and through student progress meetings to look at each student, the teachers are able to ensure that they deliver the highest quality of education designed to both support and challenge.
  • Slightly saves school money
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