Mega Seating Plan

Science Teacher

Ransom Everglades High School, United States of America

Used Mega Seating Plan daily for 0–3 months

Jun 2024

Have already spoken to IT about this software. She was very much interested. Unfortunately, she resigned before the end of the school year. With her, she asked me to give workshops on this. I am not sure of the new leader now, and if Mega will be embraced by the school as a whole. Individually, I will still support this.

Reply from Mega Seating Plan:Hi Jay. Thanks for your review. If you'd like to put your new leader in touch with me, please pass them my email address:
Jay found Mega Seating Plan:
  • Slightly reduces teacher workload
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency
    Student attention increased significantly. I change seats every class time they walk into class. It is funny to see them to watch the screens to see where they will be seating that day.
  • Slightly improves school processes
  • Significantly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    Student attention focused. They are away from their friends or friends that will distract them.
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