Mega Seating Plan


Leeming Senior High School, Australia

Used Mega Seating Plan monthly for 5 years+

Jun 2024

I have been recommending it to anyone who mentions the word seating plan but the 9 is due to the new free version vs paid version so for free you can only have 1 seating plan saved

Reply from Mega Seating Plan:Hi Myrto Thanks for this lovely review. I appreciate your comment about free accounts. It was a difficult decision to put restrictions on them, but ultimately it wasn't sustainable for me to be continue subsidising free users. Rob
Myrto found Mega Seating Plan:
  • Moderately reduces teacher workload
    The ease of creating the seating plans especially with the 'avoid' mode or boy/girl or even random; being able to save the classroom plan for different classrooms and the different classes.
  • Slightly improves teaching efficiency
    The fact that it can be displayed either from the teacher's perspective or the students it helps a lot when display on the projector
  • Slightly improves school processes
    seating plans are sometimes needed to hep with behaviour management
  • Moderately improves behaviour or wellbeing
    seating plans help with classroom management but also with students feeling safe and provide consistency
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