Mega Seating Plan


Used Mega Seating Plan daily for 3-4 years

Feb 2023

Sometimes its difficult to see the names on seats and to fit seating plan on one page. Also if students identify as a different gender cannot manually change the colour, as many will not have legally changed their gender.

Reply from Mega Seating Plan:Hi Shameem. Thanks for the review. I have made some recent changes to improve the way seating plans print, so they should now always fit onto one sheet of paper. Thanks for raising the gender issue - the genders are synced directly from your school's MIS. In this scenario, it's probably most appropriate for your school to either remove the assigned gender for that student, or in Mega Seating Plan they can choose to turn off gender colour coding altogether (which you can also do directly on your seating plans). Hope this helps, Rob.
Shameem found Mega Seating Plan:
  • Moderately reduces teacher workload
    Can see SEN and PP
  • Moderately improves teaching efficiency
    Learning names with images
  • Slightly improves school processes
  • Significantly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    If students are flagged not to sit next to each other , or new students join the class
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