Review of SchooliP


ICS Khalifa City - International Community Schools (ICS) Branch 3, United Arab Emirates

Used SchooliP daily for 1-2 years

Jun 2023

I have already recommended SchooliP to the other principals in the groups simply because of its flexibility and user friendly interface.

Reply from SchooliP:Hi Phillip - We're glad you're seeing the benefits of SchooliP, and sharing these with others too. If there's any other way in which we can help or make SchooliP better for all, please do get in touch at 0333 0433 450.
Phillip found SchooliP:
  • Moderately saves school money
    Reduces the duplication of programs that we use to have before we switched to schoolip
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    The teachers entire profile is in one system and everything is linked. For example, a personal target can be linked to the SEF and SDP and one piece of evidence can be used for all three areas.
  • Significantly provides school data
    The performance management date output is really useful when inspection happens, we can quickly and reliably pull out data at whole school level, team or individual.
  • Moderately improves teacher wellbeing
    Their personal blog is a type of diary where they can share their thoughts and feelings and collaborate with peers and colleagues. It's a safe space to talk and share ideas.
  • Significantly improves school processes
    Enables a more precise and directed approach to school improvement. Documents are linked and easily shared with all members of the community.
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