Review of Simbound
Edward Wilson

Senior Lecturer

Bloomsbury Institute, England

Used Simbound weekly for 3-4 years

Nov 2022

It makes digital marketing very simple to teach. The absence of which might be problematic in aiding student understanding.

Edward Wilson found Simbound:
  • Significantly provides school data
    Simbound supports our digital marketing module and provide students with a practical, risk free practice on how to launch a digital marketing campaign. Response since using Simbound has been phenomenal. This has impacted our NSS (National student survey) and improved our overall results.
  • Significantly increases student collaboration
    Some of our students live outside London making daily commuting sometimes expensive. Simbound enables these group of students to play the game irrespective of their geographical location. Some students who have had to travel outside the country during family emergencies have still been able to collaborate with their teammates, improving their marketing efforts.
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency
    Simbound helps to support the theoretical aspects of the module, enabling students adopt a hands-on approach of planning and implementing a digital marketing campaign. The game further allows students to relate the theory to practice.
  • Moderately improves teacher knowledge
    Simbound allows the teacher relate theory to practice. It also helps the teacher provide relatable examples for students. This sometimes provide opportunities for students to ask practical questions. These questions help teachers improve their knowledge.
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    An example has been presented in previous question.
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