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What is Audiopi?

Audiopi is a GCSE and A Level podcast tutorial service, aimed at providing universal access to superb teachers. We create and deliver outstanding, highly immersive podcasts, written by experts - for use at home, on the go, or at school. Curricula aligned and exam board approved, our podcasts help teachers and students get results - generating interest, excitement and engagement in topics, reinforcing learning, deepening understanding, enabling own pace study, and ultimately supporting better recall and revision.

Recommended Usage

Not specifically, though focussing student listening to the podcasts relevant to lesson plans amplifies the impact and benefit of each taught lesson. Each podcast series is created to exam board specification to give students exactly what they need to understand their subject. Individual podcasts are around 15 minutes long, are highly accessible, and designed to maximise engagement & focus, and are complete tutorials on key themes. Teachers licensing specific subjects/topics, can directly guide podcast tutorial usage to support their lesson plans & progress through a subject/topic. Our podcasts improve subject engagement, knowledge foundations, deepen understanding, and encourage critical thinking. It's good practice to use our podcasts to prep for, and then reinforce, lessons. We can also guide homework, fast-track periodic recall, and revision very easily - with selection of the appropriate podcast from each topic.


Educational Impact

build student knowledge
improve attainment
reduce teacher workload
reduce attainment gap
increase student collaboration

Age Range
14-16, 17-18

Terms of Service


An internet connected device with audio output (headphones or speakers) is all that is required to access our podcasts once the relevant School, or Individual Subscription license has been purchased. Our platform works on Web & Mobile Web browsers, and we have iOS and Android apps for a mobile experience. Schools Subscribers will be guided through the simple and basic set-up - which includes sharing and cascading a school username & login, and basic how-to guidance. A school's library will be pre-populated with licensed content - and can be added to simply, at any time. Individual Subscribers will create a username & password as part of the sign-up process, before being able to access what they need. We advise that individual subscribers (usually parents) check the exam boards that their children's schools use to navigate to the correct podcasts.


We provide a simple user-guide PDF for schools, and best practice guides. No specific training is required - the beauty is in the elegance of the podcast content. Select > Click > Listen

Audiopi Pricing

Pricing Plans

Paid Subscription

School subscriptions:

All of a school's students, their parents, and teachers, with access to licensed Subjects & Topics. Topics can be bought individually, and are priced per annum. The guide price per topic is £150p/a. Flexible subscriptions for multiple topics and subjects, are qualified on a case by case basis, and on request.

Individual subscriptions:

Effectively a family license, and provide access for Pupils and their Parents, as well as Homeschoolers. An individual subscription gives access to the entire podcast library (all subjects & all topics for GCSE & A Level learners). Our standard charge is £7.50 per month, with no minimum period of subscription.

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